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Digits security

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Utmost Security for Your Users

To avoid dealing with multiple complex passwords, many users settle with simple, weak passwords for their favorite apps -- without ever updating them to fend off hackers. This puts their accounts at risk and increases support costs for developers.

Digits solves this for you with phone verification. Since users own their phones and carry them most of the time, there is no need for additional tokens or devices for authentication. New confirmation codes are sent securely to users via SMS every time, so you never have to worry about those codes being stolen or requiring users to update their passwords.

iOS, Android, web, tvOS
Digits phone verification

To make your app even more secure for your users, our two-step verification support takes it one step further.

With Digits, your users can login to Digits.com and set-up a simple code which will be prompted on future logins and signups in all your Digits-powered apps.

Digits two-step verification
Digits email and voice

Email & Voice Verification Supported

If you’re using a system that verifies users through email, it can be hard scaling your email delivery infrastructure.

With Digits, you can request an email address from your users as they verify by phone or sign in with Digits. You won’t have to build custom email verification functionality or an expensive, complex infrastructure to support it. Simply enable the feature in a few lines of code.

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Voice Verification Fall Back

Digits automatically falls back to a phone call when SMS fails. Don't worry about contracting with providers or handling new services when using REST APIs -- we give you all this for free.

Forget captchas

No More Clunky Captchas

Easily authenticate users without the burden of captchas. You'll have full control over the quality of your user base and give users the best in-app experience.

Backed by Twitter’s World-Class Infrastructure

Backed by twitter

We recognize how critical security and data privacy are to your business. Digits is powered by Twitter’s infrastructure which now supports 288 million monthly active users and thousands of API partners.

To handle the data load, we’ve meticulously optimized the performance, scalability and availability of our infrastructure. We’ve also taken extreme care to ensure data privacy for your users.

SMS at Your Immediate Service

Building an infrastructure for phone-based sign-in is no easy task. To deliver users SMS, you need to connect with operators via SS7, find aggregators that support carriers overseas, and build multiple failovers for dropped connections.

Historically, only large companies can afford delivering SMS because they have the resources to build the infrastructure -- until now.

Digits sms mobile

With Digits, you instantly gain SMS capabilities simply by plugging into Twitter's world-class infrastructure. Now, you can focus on building amazing apps instead of worrying about SMS delivery.