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Powerful login that grows your mobile graph.

To get Digits, just download Fabric and install the Digits Kit.

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Digits helps us bring a new level of convenience to our customers. We’re excited to bring Digits into our Morning Surprise Alarm app.

Atif Rafiq, SVP & Global Digital Officer

With Digits, we can now expand more quickly across the globe while focusing on building the content of our app!

Ryan Johnson, VP of Mobile Engineering

We’ve adopted Digits to ease the pain of getting users in developing markets to register. This should greatly improve our numbers!

Ron Buell, SVP, Engineering

The Digits h1 Experience

Icon cross platform

Cross-Platform Identity

Email and password sign-ins are cumbersome for end users. Digits makes your onboarding flow dead simple with phone numbers -- an identity your users already use everyday.

Icon mobile graph

Mobile Graph

Every app needs a differentiated experience. Create your own mobile graph with your users’ contact lists that have their strongest, most current social connections.

Icon international growth

International Growth

When your app is ready for overseas, Digits helps you unlock its growth across the globe with our phone verification in 217 countries and support for 32 languages.

Icon enterprise security

Enterprise Security

Phone-based sign-in has been limited to large companies -- until now. Get the same level of security and SMS capabilities with Twitter's trusted infrastructure.


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